El exilio es el asesinato de la lengua materna,Julia Kristeva


The research group Vitrubia is an international network of excellence, led by Prof. Dolors Sabaté Planes from the Institute for German Studies at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Our main research areas are autobiographical writings of women and exile.

The group, whose members are researchers from various European countries, was founded in 2002 and has been collaborating on the following research projects: „Women writers from German speaking countries“ (2002-2005), „German Language Narrative Texts by Women“ (2006-2008), „Jewishness and Womanhood. Depiction of gender and culture during the time of conflict“ (2009-2012), and „Autobiographical writings of German-Jewish women authors (19th and 20th centuries)“ (2013-2015).

We are currently working on a new project called „ExFemLiOn - Female Literary Exile Online“. Goals of the database include: digitalization of humanistic knowledge, collection of information on German-speaking female writers living in exile and on their autobiographical texts, scientific works, and reference sources.

ExFemLiOn is intended as a tool for researchers and a useful web portal for educators in the field of humanities.


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